Follow these easy steps to register on Apicultur and subscribe to your first API.

1. Register on Apicultur.
To access and use an API, you first need to register a username on the Apicultur Store. You can create an account clicking on Sign-up.

2. Create an application.
Once you have created an account, you can manage your API suscriptions in MySuscription. API suscriptions are grouped in applications. An application is simply a way of keeping your API subscriptions more organised. That is to say, an application is a folder which helps to classify the APIs you subscribe to. For example, you can create an application called Fonética in which you can organise your subscriptions to phonetic APIs, or create an application called Project1 to save your subscriptions for APIs relating to a specific project you intend to carry out. All APIs suscribed under the same application will have the same access key. The objective of these applications is to ease the processing and organising of your API subscriptions. But if you don’t want to complicate things for now, you can skip the applications and create one as and when you need it.

3. Select a level and subscribe to an API
Next you need to select the API you want to use. You can try it using the swagger docs below. To gain access to the API, you will need to subscribe to it. To do this, select on the collapsible menu below which application you would like to save the API subscription to. Also, choose your level of subscription. There are three types (gold, silver, bronze), assessed by its maximum number of times you can call this API per minute. Then you only have to click “Subscribe” to submit the subscription to the API.

Now you have subscribed to your API 🙂 Yay!

In the same step, you will also be given a URL that you will need to use to access your API, as well as some information about the owner of the API in question and the swagger documentation that allows you to try the API.

4. Obtain your authorisation key
In the section named MySubscription you’ll be able to view your subscriptions listed by application. For each application you will need to create a key which will let you consult each API. To get these, click on “Generate” in the section labelled “Production”. The key“Access token” is all you’ll need to access the API. Once you have the URL and the Access token you can use the API.

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