Before you suscribe to an API, you can try it with the swagger documentation. On each API profile, you can click on the method and enter the parameters to check how the API responds.

In addition, once you have subscribed to an API, you can test it using your access key in the following manner. As an API is an entry point that allows you to call a program from another program, to test if an API works, you can either do it directly from your own program or using a tool that pretends to be a program and that allows you to make calls to the API. This tool is a RESTClient application. You can download it easily as a Google Chrome extension or on Firefox.

Once you have downloaded the application, all you need to do is go to Apicultur and copy the URL which appears in the description of the API to which you have subscribed, and then paste it in the URL field in the RESTClient control panel. Next, in the URL you add the parameters that you want to introduce according to the instructions that are indicated in the API documentation. In the field named “Headers”, you have to introduce the header “Authorization”, and in the following field “Bearer” followed by the corresponding key (for the application) that you generated when you subscribed to the API (called the “Access Token”). You have to select the model GET and, if your subscription is correct, you will receive the corresponding XML with the result from the API.

Be careful! If you repeatedly test out the API, it is possible that you will not receive any more results if you surpass the limit of consultations per minute. Wait a moment, and then return to try again a little later. The Gold subscription is the one with the most consultations allowed per minute.

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